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Quality & innovation require intelligence in action. People act intelligently - their ideas bring the innovation and their work the required quality. At qinno we live this principle every day anew. It helps us to develop products that meet the required technical and economical demands.

In doing so, we pay attention to sustainability and handle the necessary resources with care.Out of respect and responsibility for people and nature.


Good ideas deserve to be launched on the market as one of your successful series products.

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Aviation sector qinno GmbH
since 11/2011

EN ISO 9001
Quality management qinno GmbH
since 11/2011
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Management Development Management and Quality Management Project Organisation

Mr Sturm graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich in 1994 with a degree in electrical and data engineering. After working for Strässle Informationssysteme GmbH and Sasse GmbH, Michael Sturm headed the development department of TQ-Systems for over 11 years. Here he successfully built up the company through constant motivation of his team and sustainable customer support. Over the years, the initial 9 employees grew into a team of 84 developers at two locations. During this time, he was able to gather a wealth of experience. With this wealth of experience as a basis, Michael Sturm founded the development office qinno in 2011. Since its foundation, qinno has developed very well. A large number of projects have already been realised with our team (currently 15 employees). With conviction, commitment and the vision to live quality and innovation, Michael Sturm leads the company by always asking himself: What can we do better?

Between 1989 and 1994, Bernd Zimmermann studied electrical and data engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and graduated as a Diplom-Ingenieur (FH). After completing his studies in development and production at Kanis GmbH and working as a system developer at TQ-Systems, 3 years of basic development for the automotive and motorsport sectors followed. Due to personal preferences, the focus soon shifted towards system design and project management for the medical and industrial technology sectors. In 2001, he took over the position of deputy development manager at TQ-Systems. He has been passing on his wealth of experience as a lecturer to students at the Munich University of Applied Sciences since 1999. Since September 2012, Bernd Zimmermann has complemented the management of qinno GmbH as head of the development department for qualitative & innovative systems.

After studying electrical engineering and graduating in 1991 with a degree in engineering, Mr Wolters successfully realised numerous industrial, aerospace and automotive projects in the fields of telematics, control, regulation, microprocessor modules, IoT and fuel cells as a developer and project manager. He joined the team in 2017 as a project manager and system architect. His stations include Berner & Mattner, proTime GmbH, P21, TQ Sytems (head of electronics development) and now qinno as management, senior project manager and system architect.

Ein gewachsenes Unternehmen - Unternehmenshistorie

2021 Rezertifizierung EN9100:2018
2017 Rezertifizierung EN9100:2015
Anmeldung von Patenten der qinno-Entwickler
2016 Entwicklung und Qualifizierung von Systemen im Bereich "Automotive"
Produktion Medizingeräte Klasse IIa nach Anhang IV
2015 Erweiterung der Büro- und Laborflächen um weitere 250 qm
Rezertifizierung nach EN9100 und EN9001 durch den TÜV SÜD
2014 Auszeichnung mit "Wirtschaftspreis Landkreis Starnberg"
2013 Entwicklung und Qualifizierung von Systemen im Bereich "Medizingeräte Klasse IIa"
2012 Gründung "qinno GmbH"
Erweiterung der Büroflächen im Argelrieder Feld 11
Umzug in neue Büros im Argelsrieder Feld 11 mit 250 qm Bürofläche
2011 Entwicklung und Qualifizierung von Systemen im Bereich "Luftfahrt"
Erweiterung der Büroflächen in der Schulstraße 29
Zertifizierung nach EN9100 und EN9001 durch den TÜV SÜD
Einführung des neuen Firmennamens "qinno"
2010 Neustart mit eigenem Entwicklungsbüro
1998 - 2010 Tätigkeit als Entwicklungsleiter eines EMS-Dienstleisters
"Ing. Büro Sturm" als Nebenerwerb
1996 Firmengründung durch Dipl.-Ing. Michael Sturm als "Ing. Büro Sturm"

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Dr. Dr. (Phd-UCN) J.Lechner (CaviTAU®)

Despite all drawbacks and technical difficulties, I would like to thank Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Zimmermann of qinno for his tireless focussed way.

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