Remote control LED lighting
A controller based on the Espressif ESP family with WLan mesh, as well as Bluetooth® and proprietary 868 MHz technology was realized. The RGBW LEDs are controlled by PWM. The challenge here was to comply with the limit values specified by the EMC standards. In addition, a touch-operated remote control was developed, which allows operation from a rechargeable battery with correspondingly low standby current and can be charged via USB. In addition to this, an existing PC application of the customer was adapted to the new structures.

Further development focuses:
RED radio approval, LiIon-Charger, Handheld
Thermal management control
For the control of modern heating systems with multiple heat generators, a robust control system was developed. It enables the energetic optimization of the system via a user-friendly browser-based interface. Control and remote interface are separate units to ensure optimal data protection. Due to the modular design, a wide variety of heating systems from solar to heat pump to modern wood systems are possible.

Further development focus:
RaspBerry Pi, low voltage, Cortex® M3
sophisticated motor control
For the control and exact positioning of a device in the medical environment a 6-axis control via CAN-Open was developed. It was driven by brushless DC motors with encoders to achieve a positioning accuracy of 1/100 mm. The resolution was additionally supported by gears. A web interface implemented on a RaspBerry Pi enabled remote access, also to a customer installation, of course appropriately secured and with safety shutdown.

Further development focuses:
RaspBerry Pi, CanOpen, mechanical integration

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