the first draft
You already have initial ideas and sketches of what your product should look like ? We would be happy to take your concepts further. Alternatively, we start together with you from the beginning with concepts, sketches and samples. Of course, according to your requirements, ideas and general conditions. At this point, your innovative ideas are conclusively integrated into your product.

Main focus:
3D design, concept
the product
The creative design activity combined with the constructive knowledge creates a functional, aesthetically pleasing product. The eye eats with you. In addition, we use our knowledge and experience to ensure a (cost-)efficient and precisely fitting production option. Mechanics and electronics are optimally coordinated by us. This allows you to have your product manufactured with optimised production steps and simple quality controls.

Main focus:
Costs, integration, manufacturing
and the manufacturing
We generate the necessary production data, parts lists (2D and 3D), drawings and, in more complex cases, production instructions and make suggestions regarding life-cycle management. If you wish, we can of course coordinate this with your planned manufacturer. We are also happy to organise small series, prototypes and their assembly for you, or to coordinate or select a suitable manufacturer.

Main focus:
Production documents, 2D drawings

Important note

Please note that due to contractual agreements we are only allowed to present know-how and technologies that we have brought in. The illustrations are therefore partly exemplary. Of course we can discuss your project (also under appropriate confidentiality agreements).

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