Embedded software

intelligenter Video switch
For the realization based on the NXP i.MX series an embedded Linux with the build environment Yocto was used and corresponding adaptations in C++ were realized. The implementation included the drivers for eMMC, SD-Card, USB, SPI-Bootflash, RS-232, Ethernet, Audio, HDMI, DVI, VGA as well as a fan controller. Furthermore, functional tests for the EOL tests of the boards were generated based on shell scripts.

Further development focus:
Electronics development, multi-rail switching regulators with power sequencing, housing design
Wearable design
Based on the Cypress PSoC® architecture, a wearable design was developed and bare-metal with corresponding driver layers for various sensors (acceleration sensor, air pressure, pulse) and wireless technologies such as Bluetooth low-energy and RFID was implemented. A flash file system and a robust hardware interface for programming and testing in production and service were also implemented. Additionally, an intelligent battery pack with a microcontroller for charge control, voltage monitoring as reset generator and watchdog was developed. This was achieved with the lowest possible consumption of resources and energy. Systematic integration with corresponding application and smartphone apps was also part of the task.

Further development focuses:
Rigid-flex PCB, ultra-low power, antenna design, housing design
Video surveillance system
Embedded UPS
As a supplement for a 24/7 video surveillance system an embedded UPS was developed in electronics and software. This supplies the system in case of power failure from connected reliable and safe SLA batteries (lead). For this purpose an ATMEL microcontroller was used, which was programmed with the Arduino environment in C++. After optimization and extension of the libraries a UPS system with low power consumption, high efficiency and additional functionalities like power-on-reset and watchdog could be created. The essential battery parameters, such as state of charge, voltage and load currents are also recorded. The video surveillance system (an industrial PC) connected via USB was realized with Ubuntu 18.04 and includes the complete camera control and evaluation as well as a web interface, programmed in PHP. In addition, there is a customer-specific central interface.

Further development focus:
Camera control, video formats, WebRTC

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